Thursday, January 13, 2011



It was a cold, but clear December 31, 2010.  along with over 200 guests, the Mark Dubbeld Family was privileged to sing for a Benefit Event helping the International Christian Centers for the Deaf.  This, "Evening of Elegance" Was filled with Christian fellowship, great food, and anointed ministry.  Through this evening, over $17,000 was brought in cash and pledges, as well as educating many on the spiritual and physical needs of a silent community.
ICCD President, Tom Turner was grateful to God for His many blessings, thanking the Mark Dubbeld Family for the "wonderful songs, and such sweet spirits."  This blessed evening was closed with prayer and communion as 2011 became ours to enter.

Exalting Christ!
Mark Dubbeld

Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautiful Day!

Today is the most beautiful day I have seen in a while.  We have about 7 1/2 inches of snow and the Mountains around us look great.  Only a painting that God could do.  A good day to stay in, do a little bit of business and enjoy the snow.

Sometimes I ask myself, "What if" and then I look back at the past and now the present and I have the answers.
The "What Ifs" in your life are questions that can be answered by stopping, looking, and listening to the Lord.
Take a break on this beautiful day, think about this and find peace with the Lord.  You've nothing better to do snowed in!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Jubilee Music Artists would like to welcome to our staff Mr. Glendall Fullerton.  Glendall will be working with Barbara Roach in Radio Promotions.

Glendall is from the Jackson, Tennessee area where he is involved in Christian Radio.  We feel that he will be a great asset to JMA as he has been in Christian Radio for a while!  He has talked with promoters and knows the business end of this and will carry on with honesty and work to get air play for our artists.  Watch the JMA website for news and a photo.

Other changes are being made to our business that are necessary to help with the growth.  It also frees Barbara up a bit to work more on writing, singing, speaking and recording.She is very involved in the Church as Worship leader and of course the Pastor's wife which keeps her pretty busy.  Barbara will still be very involved in the promotions of JMA.

With Glendall on board, we are able to achieve a larger amount of calls, emails, etc to help the artists.

We are also looking into doing a news letter via email so if you are interested in receiving our news, contact Barbara at this email address:  This is set up for the News Letter to begin soon.

We will be advertising for different artists, and we have been asked to present a chart from non charting stations!  Sounds like fun to me so if you are interested, let us know.  We already have quite a list to present the news to. Plans are to include news from  artists and companies sent in to us.

We will have a FAN VOTED chart each month, and of course the regular top five JMA. So, help us pray about this as we work out the details!

Let me remind you that our focus is getting the music out to radio, trying to get it played, and that includes non charting stations to SN, CVM, and PS or any other charting magazine. We do work with these magazines with calls and emails to their charting stations, but we would like to see what you think! What song do you like, who is your favorite artists.  We especially want to be able to include regional and local artists.

We appreciate the work that each person does for our company!  Thanks to Dianne Adams for the work on the website.