Saturday, October 30, 2010


Wzzk Report is:  Terry Blackwood - He Loves Me So - Medium

The Lefevres: I wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey - Heavy....Great song!!

Birmingham, AL
Ron Foster

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hi Barbara!
We've encountered some major problems & an unfortunate thing has happened:  KKGM will be officially changing formats from Southern Gospel to an all-talk format beginning Monday November 1.  This greatly saddens all of us but the owner needs to make a profit and so we go with the switch.

I did receive your CD Comp and while we have a limited amount of time, we are going to play all we can .  We are going to blanket the area with new music as much as we can this week.

Please pray for all of us as we go through this transition.
I pray blessings upon you and Jubilee!
Paul T. Hughes
Program/Music/Public Affairs Director
AM 1630 KKGM, Dallas, Texas

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gainesville, GA

Barbara my report is as follows below for Volume Eight.

Still Water- Something to Shout About - Lite
Terry Blackwood-He Loves Me So-Heavy
The Lefevres-I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey-Heavy
Mark Dubbeld Family-Living Oasis-Heavy
Ivan and Jamie-Me and My Old King James-Medium
Chris Baldwin-When He Says Arise-Medium

Don Elrod
WGTJ Radio
Gainesville, GA


Two blogs in one day!  I have more, but I wanted to get this one up.

Joan Gregory is a friend of mine.  She and I have grown up knowing each other and shared the stage many times.

It is with honor that we have Joan as a part of JMA.  She is very professional and sings from the heart.
Check out to see Joan's schedule and we are looking forward to her radio release with us next in 2011.

Welcome Joan!
Barbara Roach


Hi Barbara,
I have reviewed comp 8 and have really enjoyed it.  thanks for seeing that I received a copy.

Still Water-Great song and smooth sound - guys!  I like it!
Terry Blackwood-Differend sound, very catchy.  Good air time!
The Lefevres-Great update sound to the old classic.  Great job guys!
Mark Dubbeld Family-Where did you find this family? Very refreshing.  Great air time, and a great reminder of how the Lord is our Living Water!'
Chris Baldwin-Chris has a strong voice and it's a great song.  Good air time!

Thanks for sending me a copy, and I'll be looking for the next one!

In His Service
Dave Colyer
2020 Cato Ave
State College, PA 16801

Friday, October 22, 2010

KKLO Radio, in Leavenworth, Kansas

My overall general statement in regards to Volume Eight is this:

A marvelous album that our Country Christian people will enjoy hearing.  I played it this morning and everyone enjoyed it and that about says it all!  If you live in our area, please call Marshall at 913-351-1410, give us your request.
Still Water - Something To Shout About
Terry Blackwood - He Loves Me So
The Lefevres - I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey
Mark Dubbeld Family - Living Oasis
Ivan and Jamie - Me and My Old King James
Chris Baldwin - When He Says Arise
Unity Four - First Day in Heaven

KKLO - 1410-AM 5000 Watts
Leavenworth, Kansas

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Pictured above is our solo artist winner of the National Radio Release "Joan Gregory" with Barbara and Becca Roach.  After nearly 4 hours of waiting to sing His Praises Joan writes this:

It was with great anticipation that I accepted the invitation to sing in the annual JMA Showcase at the NQC in Louisville on September 14, 2010.  Headed up by JMA President/CEO Barbara Roach. The showcase was conducted with professionalism, yet a down home flavor.  To the audience's delight, there were many gospel music celebrities who either sang or were in attendance, but more so, there was an awesome presence of the Holy Spirit.

I was aware that national radio releases were to be awarded to one soloist and one group, but as I sat awaiting my turn on stage, I began to realize that God was moving in a mighty way.  We were having church!!!

When I took the stage, I started singing from the heart and let the Lord use me as His vessel, forgetting that I was being judged.  I stay amazed at what the Holy Spirit can do as long as I am willing to put myself aside and let Him work through me.

When winners were announced, I was humbled and honored to be chosen as the recipient of the soloist release and am excited for yet another opportunity to spread His Word.  Thanks JMA!
Joan Gregory

Monday, October 18, 2010


Today I would like to give you an update on some of our radio work.  WFLQ 100 FM is a charting stations for Christian voice.  We are delighted at JMA that we have five songs from our latest comp in his top 30 play list.

#13 The Lefevres "I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey"
#18 Mark Dubbeld Family "Living Oasis"
#21 Terry Blackwood "He Loves Me So"
#27 Ivan and Jamie "Me and My Old King James"
#30 Still Water "Something To shout About

There are many radio charting stations who report in the Christian Voice Magazine, so this does not mean you made the Christian Voice chart.  This is only one station but it is great to know that we have "Randall" who is willing to let us know.  We do invite any and all stations that we send music out to,  to send us your play of our artists!!

Thank you to Randall Hamm for playing our music.  We do appreciate you sending this and allowing us to know!

To all of the calls and emails I have made, We do not have anyone who is not getting airplay.  May I say that is what this is all about.  Being in a chart is awesome, but getting the word out through your music, is wonderful.
Singers....Keep up the good work.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grace Broadcasting Radio Review

Well folks as I have listened to the new rdio comp from JMA, I am without a doubt convinced that this is by far the best comp Ms. Barbara and the folks at Jubilee Music Artists have put out. Starting out with "Stillwater" Something to Shout About, we have in light to medium rotation.

 Terry Blackwood, a voice from the past, but sounding better than ever, medium to heavy rotation on He Loves Me So!

 The Lefevres, a remake of an old standard. The guys did a fantastic job, Medium to Heavy Rotation.
Mark Dubbeld..Barbara, where did you find this bunch? They are great..Medium to Heavy Rotation for "Living Oasis." 

Ivan and Jamie, "Me and My Old King James," ..a song with a different sound, it is in medium to heavy rotation.

Harvest Gold "Making A New Start."  I understand they are brand new..another remake and sounds so much like the original artists!  Light to Medium.

Chris Baldwin..this guy has a good strong voice..his song "When He Says Arise" is in light to medium.  

The Unity Four, another remake but done well.  "First Day In Heaven." Good job guys..light to medium play.

Keep up the good work and we at Grace Broadcasting look forward to what you have coming next.

Grace Broadcasting
93.9, 93.1, 105.1

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Grace Period"

"And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.  For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ." (John 1:16-17)

All of us usually receive some sort of statements each month telling us when our bill is due.  Included in that statement there is usually a grace period before we are charged a late fee.  I always try to get that payment in before the due date to avoid paying late charges, and make sure this does not effect my credit.

According to the above scripture, we have all received grace.  It talks about grace for grace.  I have lived through seasons of grace in my life, and that is the title of my book to be released by the end of March, God has always taken care of me.  His love, mercy, and grace is what keeps me going.  Only in Jesus can we know this kind of grace.

I believe we are living in the last days.  Every day we are on this earth is a day of God's grace for our lives.  As it says in 1 Peter 5:12 this is the true grace of God in which you stand.

(2 Peter 3:10) "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up."  Today is the day to accept the salvation provided through this marvelous grace! Not tomorrow or next week.  TODAY is the day of grace.

At JMA we want to share this marvelous, wonderful grace of Jesus through every aspect of our ministry of   promotions in southern gospel music. We ask for prayers that we can do the very best to help deliver this message and help artists to get their music played on radio and internet.

With the music we release, we pray for God's direction and His grace to be granted in all of our work.  CDs are prayed over before they are mailed out and prayer is an important part of the day's work.

We encourage all artists, and friends to write to us and help us to get the message out and share God's grace. Lets get ready for the Lord's return.  Let's get the message out through our music ministry! Grace for Grace! Sounds like a good song title, doesn't it?
Be Blessed,
Barbara Roach

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Terry Blackwood joins JMA for Vol. 8

Terry Blackwood is the son of Doyle Blackwood, original co-founder of the Blackwood Brothers Qt. Terry's distinctive vocal styling has been featured on many chart topping singles while associated with two highly acclaimed vocal groups, The Imperials and Andrus, Blackwood & Co. You may have seen him as a featured soloist on many Gaither Homecoming videos.

We are thrilled to be promoting Terry Blackwood on our new Vol. 8 radio composition. His song, "He Loves Me So" was first recorded by Terry in 1976 with the Imperials. Adding more contemporary and modern stylings to it, "He Loves me So" shows great potential in being a chart topping hit in the Southern Gospel genre.

"He Loves Me So" was written by Phil Johnson, writer of "Stone's Throw Away", "The Captain and Me", "The Day He Wore My Crown", "Give Them All", and many more!

Stop by to check out his bio, photos, products and more! And don't forget to call your local radio station and request the new radio release "He Loves Me So" by Terry Blackwood!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We've Got The Power

Today as we are awaiting things to happen in our lives, let us remember who we are and Whose we are in the name of Jesus!

As the song says:  We've got the power, in the name of Jesus
                             We've got the power in the name of the Lord
                             Though satan rages, we will not be defeated
                             We've got the power, in the name of the Lord!
                                                             -Laverne Tripp

At JMA our days are started with prayer, and prayers all through the day for each of our artists.  We are fighting daily battles in our personal lives, in our churches, in our music, BUT we know who wins!!

Psalm 37:4 happens to be one of my favorite verses for it tells us to "delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our heart."  Look it up!  Psalm 37 is a life line for my family!!!

If we desire to serve Him and our music is glorifying Him, the He will direct us where we are to go!
Praise His Name!

When we send out a radio compilation, we pray and ask God's guidance on this project and to touch lives through the music we represent.

To God Be the Glory!
Barbara Roach