Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up Date on New Comp

Volume Ten-Best of the Best- will be released to radio in a couple of weeks.  We are waiting on one artists song to be finished.

Today, I have been sending out mp3 releases to many stations.  It does take time and soon radio program directors will have a password to download all of our music.

Looking forward to doing the interviews with Bruce Edwards at NQC.  If you misses last year, be sure to contact me for another interview with one of our charting stations, live at NQC.

Call you local stations and if they do not have our music, have them to contact me.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Compilation Update

Volume Ten is on it's way soon.  Thought we would give you an update of our artists that you will be listening to.
Please call you southern gospel stations and request our music!

1.  Bare Hands -                                   Chuck Wagon Gang
2.  Run On       -               Mark Eskew - Reflections of Elvis
3.  Jesus Is There -     R.W., Donna, and Andrea Blackwood-www.blackwoodsshow.com
4.  Ain't Nobody -                                            Joan Gregory
5.  When I See Jesus Coming After Me -                  Georgia
6..  I Lay Down My Isaac -          Barbara and Becca Roach 
7.  Nothing But Praise -                        Mark Dubbeld Family
8.  Got Getting Your Attention -                   Keith McKinney
9.  Me and My Old King James -                    Ivan and Jamie
10. God Keeps Showing Himself-                   Hear By Faith
11. Stand Back and Watch Me Work -       Heavenly Sunrise

JMA would like to invite you to pick up the phone and call for these songs.  They may not be there just yet...but it is on the way!  New look..new way...get ready for a digital download from your favorite station!

I just realized that I am the writer of three of these songs!  Thank you Lord as things come together for this comp and help us to do our part.
Barbara Roach
Jubilee Music Artists