Friday, September 24, 2010

Air Play Report

Today we are happy to tell you that we are getting great reviews on Volume Eight Compilation. This CD is filled with wonderful talented people.

Still Water- Something To Shout About
Terry Blackwood - He Loves Me So
The Lefevres - I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey
Mark Dubbeld Family - Living Oasis
Ivan and Jamie - Me and My Old King James
Harvest Gold - Making A New Start
Chris Baldwin - When He Says Arise
Unity Four - First Day In Heaven

Everyday, we pray that God will send us Godly people to work with.  It is thrilling to represent people like that.  We have a message and JMA has a strong desire to help get the message out there through radio!

Call your local radio station, if they do not have our latest comp, or any of our comps, they may not be on our mailing list.  They need to contact and send the radio address, and all contact information, then be added to our data base.

Blessings to All and watch for news releases coming soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Latest Press Release

Pictured above is the Mark Dubbeld Family, winners of the JMA Showcase during NQC last week.
Barbara Roach (far left) shown with the Mark Dubbeld Family and Becca Roach (far right)

September 14, 2010 - The day began early for the Mark Dubbeld Family.  Everyone dressed, ready to sing for Jesus? Let's go! Together with Promoter Barbara Roach and the other Jubilee Artists, they gathered for the "Jubilee Showcase" just across from Freedom Hall in the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  It was evident these artists gather with a goal in mind-for Christ to be glorified through their music.
    When the Mark Dubbeld Family came to sing, they weren't even aware this showcase contained a competition.  Promoter Barbara Roach explained she wanted it that way.  She wanted the artists to gather together and "have church."
    However, Jubilee Artist Promotions was also giving away two valued "radio releases."
The judges were poised and ready, carefully reviewing each entry.
    After singing and praising together for over four hours, the time had come.  Who would go home with the valued prize?
    The envelope was sealed and ready-and then came the moment.  Tearing it open, the words rang out, "Our group winner of this year's radio release is...The Mark Dubbeld Family!"  Little Britton Dubbeld's face said it all!  His mouth flew open, as both hands flew up to his face. "We won!" he exclaimed.
    Thank you so much Jubilee for giving us this opportunity to share the music He has put on our hearts to a broader listening audience.  Together may we all continue to cover the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Mark Dubbeld Family

Daily Jam

We have been listening to a lot of CDs today and talking to several artists.  There are some great talent in the regional area who never get heard on radio!  JMA would like to do something about that and push a little harder to see something happen for these artists.

We listened to Dan Hays of Flushing, MI today.   We were so impressed with his song "Beautiful In My Eyes." I was so touched, tears rolled down my face!  I believe that is the way God looks at us, His creation!  We are beautiful in His eyes, and He is beautiful in our eyes.  That song really ministered to me when I needed it the most.

We listened to a young lady from West Tennessee with an awesome voice.  Erica, I hope we get to work together in the near future.

I have know River City Quartet for several years now and they just keep getting better.  Greg is an anointed song writer and his son Seth has grown up in this.  Seth was about 14 when I met them.  He has a stronger voice now than ever.

I could go on and on about the music I have listened to this week.  But, we will post more as we go.

Becca is certainly a huge help to us in the ministry of JMA.

Have more CDs to listen to and we are looking for the right combination for Volume nine comp.  I can't believe we have been doing this for two years.  We have built good strong friendships with the radio folks and are thrilled about that.

Back to listening, talk to you later.
Barbara Roach

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Jam
We want to tell you that we have listened to several CDs presented to us at NQC.  We are very pleased with the latest project by Reflection Of Grace.  Jessie and Jeremiah wrote a very strong song and it really touched our hearts.
Yes, Jeremiah and Jessie, there is hope when you know Jesus as your personal Savior.  We are trying to decide what song would be the next radio release and would like for you all to pray with us for that.  I love to hear them sing “When they Ring the Bells of Heaven!”  But, we love to release their original songs.  I believe everyone in that group can write songs!!  They are blessed and we are blessed beyond measure to know such a Godly group of young people.
Still Water has a single release out on our new comp “Something To Shout About.”  Up Beat and brother we do have something to shout about!  Very good project guys! Still Water has been working with me for a couple of years!  Hey guys, we are in the charts at C.V. coming soon!!
Barbara Roach will still be making all of the radio calls and promotions, but Becca will be helping as usual in emails and trying to keep the news flowing.
Preston Mintz with Reflection of Grace is our new PR man and he is on top of things for the website.  Thank God for people who are willing to help us out! 
We are so very proud that two of our artists did so well at NQC.  The Caltons were asked to stay and sing in the big showcase on Saturday.  This was great news.  Mark Dubbeld Family won a national radio release.
Every artist we represent has talent and everything lies in God’s hands.  We just do what we do best and that is promote.  God has it all in control.
We will be writing about more artists as the days come.
God  Bless!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

NQC 2010

JMA is so happy to report another wonderful, successful year at the National Quartet Convention!

We arrived late Sunday night and set up our booth in the exhibitors hall, and prepared for the week.

Barbara & Becca sang in the NQC Regional Showcase on Monday morning, then hurried off to prepare for the JMA Annual Showcase at the Crown Plaza Hotel Whitley Room.

The Caltons, winners of JMA's 2009 Showcase, opened up the showcase Tuesday morning with their newest radio release, "Canaan Land is Just in Sight". We are very excited for them and their success.

Our showcase lasted late into the afternoon with many artists performing beautiful music.
Tommy Fairchild and his new quartet, Southern Tradition, sang as guest entertainers and really moved the crowds. Willie Wynn also sang with a few other JMA artists. 

Our showcase was so well attended, the hotel had to open an addition room for us; which they did graciously free of charge.

Each year, JMA gives away a National Radio release for winning group and soloist. 
This year, the winning group was the Mark Dubbeld Family of VA. His latest radio release on JMA's new Radio comp, "Living Oasis" is absolutely amazing!

Winning the soloist radio release was Joan Gregory of West TN. Joan will be releasing one of Barbara's original songs for her radio release in January.

We are so thankful for all this year's participants! We have some wonderful artists with JMA and we thank God for each of them daily.

We made several new connections at NQC this year, and already look forward to NQC 2011!
Go ahead and contact us to save your spot in the JMA 2011 Showcase at NQC! Next year is going to be even better.

I hope everyone enjoyed this week as much as we did.

Love and thanks in Christ Jesus,
Becca Roach, JMA