Friday, March 16, 2012

Top 20 Chart

March Top 20 Chart

1.   Jesus Saves/The Lefevre Quartet
2.   I'm Going Home With Jesus/The Nelons
3.   Jesus Is There/The Blackwood Singers
4.   Ain't Nobody/Joan Gregory
5.   Old King James/Ivan and Jamie Hodge
6.   Hold On To Your Faith/The Caltons
7.   His Grace Is Sufficient/Still Water
8.   The Reward/Mark Dubbeld Family
9.   Jesus Has Me Now/Becca Roach
10. Keep Movin/Judith Baker
11. Bare Hands/The Chuck Wagon Gang
12. He Grew The Tree/Christy Sutherland
13. Hide Thou Me/Hallmark Quartet
14. One Nation/Blue Ridge
15. Had It Not Been/Jeremy Smith
16. Stones/Ava Kasich
17. Holy Spirit Fill This Place/The Gospelmen
18. Long As I Got King Jesus/Ivan and Jamie Hodge
19. That's Where My Battles Are Won/Cross City Quartet
20. God's Gonna Give Me Grace/Barbara Roach

This chart was put together of recent/and other songs that have been promoted through JMA.  We are beginning to chart each month.

Our charting works like this: 50% will be from radio air play
                                           59% will be from fan comments on this blog.

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Barbara Roach

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