Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Jam
We want to tell you that we have listened to several CDs presented to us at NQC.  We are very pleased with the latest project by Reflection Of Grace.  Jessie and Jeremiah wrote a very strong song and it really touched our hearts.
Yes, Jeremiah and Jessie, there is hope when you know Jesus as your personal Savior.  We are trying to decide what song would be the next radio release and would like for you all to pray with us for that.  I love to hear them sing “When they Ring the Bells of Heaven!”  But, we love to release their original songs.  I believe everyone in that group can write songs!!  They are blessed and we are blessed beyond measure to know such a Godly group of young people.
Still Water has a single release out on our new comp “Something To Shout About.”  Up Beat and brother we do have something to shout about!  Very good project guys! Still Water has been working with me for a couple of years!  Hey guys, we are in the charts at C.V. coming soon!!
Barbara Roach will still be making all of the radio calls and promotions, but Becca will be helping as usual in emails and trying to keep the news flowing.
Preston Mintz with Reflection of Grace is our new PR man and he is on top of things for the website.  Thank God for people who are willing to help us out! 
We are so very proud that two of our artists did so well at NQC.  The Caltons were asked to stay and sing in the big showcase on Saturday.  This was great news.  Mark Dubbeld Family won a national radio release.
Every artist we represent has talent and everything lies in God’s hands.  We just do what we do best and that is promote.  God has it all in control.
We will be writing about more artists as the days come.
God  Bless!

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