Saturday, September 18, 2010

NQC 2010

JMA is so happy to report another wonderful, successful year at the National Quartet Convention!

We arrived late Sunday night and set up our booth in the exhibitors hall, and prepared for the week.

Barbara & Becca sang in the NQC Regional Showcase on Monday morning, then hurried off to prepare for the JMA Annual Showcase at the Crown Plaza Hotel Whitley Room.

The Caltons, winners of JMA's 2009 Showcase, opened up the showcase Tuesday morning with their newest radio release, "Canaan Land is Just in Sight". We are very excited for them and their success.

Our showcase lasted late into the afternoon with many artists performing beautiful music.
Tommy Fairchild and his new quartet, Southern Tradition, sang as guest entertainers and really moved the crowds. Willie Wynn also sang with a few other JMA artists. 

Our showcase was so well attended, the hotel had to open an addition room for us; which they did graciously free of charge.

Each year, JMA gives away a National Radio release for winning group and soloist. 
This year, the winning group was the Mark Dubbeld Family of VA. His latest radio release on JMA's new Radio comp, "Living Oasis" is absolutely amazing!

Winning the soloist radio release was Joan Gregory of West TN. Joan will be releasing one of Barbara's original songs for her radio release in January.

We are so thankful for all this year's participants! We have some wonderful artists with JMA and we thank God for each of them daily.

We made several new connections at NQC this year, and already look forward to NQC 2011!
Go ahead and contact us to save your spot in the JMA 2011 Showcase at NQC! Next year is going to be even better.

I hope everyone enjoyed this week as much as we did.

Love and thanks in Christ Jesus,
Becca Roach, JMA

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  1. Wonderful Time at NQC!! Hope to have a lot more artists there next year just to enjoy the spirit of the place.
    God is Good to JMA.