Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ivan and Jamie

Just wanted to let folks know that Ivan and Jamie Hodge has been in the chart I see each month...and have been so very close to charting for several months in the Singing News Charts.

The song is, "Me and My Old King James."  This song gained over 20 points in the industry chart that I receive as a promoter, and normally that would have been in the top 80.  Sometimes there are ties, and you just don't make it, but this song is a wonderful song and a true song.

Be it the "King James" or whatever version you read...I like the "New King James" the Bible is the theme of this song.

Call Ivan and Jamie, at 731-824-0079 or call JMA to schedule them for a concert.  They can tell you all about the WORD of God and the miracles of Christ.

Tomorrow:  Read more about JMA through this blog.

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