Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, the impossible is done! The book which is a story of my life and covers a span of 60 years is finished and off to the publishers!  I am a bit nervous, and excited.

I wrote this book to help and encourage others, and to tell the truth....I want you to know the story from my own words!  God has been so very good to me!  He has brought me through some terrible things in my life and not one time did I ever blame Him!

I have several book signings set and I am looking forward to them.

We will repost when you can get this digital download from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other places soon.  Right now, we would rather you order the real signed copy from REMI Word Press.

You can order through our website at JMA!  Or call......828-369-8198!

Blessings for a good night!

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