Friday, July 8, 2011

Radio Report from GA!

Today was great.  Best news came in from Georgia, again!  The state, I mean!

I agree, this is the best com, overall, that I've received from you!!! The technical quality of each cut is excellent and the song quality (lyrics and music) is outstanding. 

Don Elrod
WGTJ-AM - Gainesville, GA

Bare Hands:-Chuck Wagon Gang-Heavy Rotation
Run On-Mark Eskew-Heavy 
I Lay Down My Isaac-Barbara and Becca Roach-Heavy
When I See Jesus Coming After Me-Georgia-Heavy
Ain't Nobody-Joan Gregory-Medium
Nothing But Praise-Mark Dubbeld Family-Heavy
Paul And Silas-Hear By Faith-Medium
God Trying To Get Your Attention-Keith McKinny-Lite
Jesus Is There-R.W., Donna, & Andrea Blackwood-Heavy
Me and My Old King James-Ivan and Jamie Hodge-Medium
Stand Back and Watch Me Work-Heavenly Sunrise-NP

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