Thursday, July 7, 2011

Radio work

Today has been a great day in radio!  Our new comp...volume 10 has been doing well with air play.

I would love to tell you about one of my favorite DJs.  Randall Hamm -WFLO-FM in French Lick, Indiana..charting station from Christian Voice..he states this:

New comp looks good, nice and streamline, very tasteful!
Bare Hands-Chuck Wagon Gang-Heavy Rotation
Mark Eskew- Run On-Lite Rotation_Reflections of Elvis Gospel
Barbara and Becca-I Lay Down My Isaac-Med Rotation
Georgia-When I See Jesus Coming After Me-Med Rotation
Joan Gregory-Ain't Nobody-Heavy Rotation
Hear By Faith-Paul and Silas-Lite Rotation
Keith McKinney-God Trying To Get Your Attention-Lite Rotation
R.W., Donna, & Andrea Blackwood-Jesus Is There-Lite Rotation
Ivan and Jamie-Me and My Old King James-Med Rotation
Heavenly Sunrise-Stand Back and Watch Me Work-Lite Rotation

Thanks Randall for a good report.

Please note, not every DJ allows me to post their review.  We appreciate those who do.  Some do not even answer our calls or emails, but we still report!!!  YES!

Call your favorite Southern Gospel Station and ask for Jubilee Music Artists Comp, Volume 10 and if they do not have it, they need to let me know.  Very soon, they will be able to download it to their computers for airplay!!


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