Friday, October 22, 2010

KKLO Radio, in Leavenworth, Kansas

My overall general statement in regards to Volume Eight is this:

A marvelous album that our Country Christian people will enjoy hearing.  I played it this morning and everyone enjoyed it and that about says it all!  If you live in our area, please call Marshall at 913-351-1410, give us your request.
Still Water - Something To Shout About
Terry Blackwood - He Loves Me So
The Lefevres - I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey
Mark Dubbeld Family - Living Oasis
Ivan and Jamie - Me and My Old King James
Chris Baldwin - When He Says Arise
Unity Four - First Day in Heaven

KKLO - 1410-AM 5000 Watts
Leavenworth, Kansas


  1. Thanks to Marshall for the wonderful report. I would like to say that the most important thing in my work is getting air play. If an artists makes a chart, that is great. If not, the main thing is getting their music played on radio!!! YES!!

  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for Playing Me and My Old King James...words cannot express our gratitude...May God Bless you and Your Station...Ivan and Jamie