Monday, October 18, 2010


Today I would like to give you an update on some of our radio work.  WFLQ 100 FM is a charting stations for Christian voice.  We are delighted at JMA that we have five songs from our latest comp in his top 30 play list.

#13 The Lefevres "I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey"
#18 Mark Dubbeld Family "Living Oasis"
#21 Terry Blackwood "He Loves Me So"
#27 Ivan and Jamie "Me and My Old King James"
#30 Still Water "Something To shout About

There are many radio charting stations who report in the Christian Voice Magazine, so this does not mean you made the Christian Voice chart.  This is only one station but it is great to know that we have "Randall" who is willing to let us know.  We do invite any and all stations that we send music out to,  to send us your play of our artists!!

Thank you to Randall Hamm for playing our music.  We do appreciate you sending this and allowing us to know!

To all of the calls and emails I have made, We do not have anyone who is not getting airplay.  May I say that is what this is all about.  Being in a chart is awesome, but getting the word out through your music, is wonderful.
Singers....Keep up the good work.


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  1. What I forgot to tell you is the station's location!! Sorry Randall....It is in French Lick, Indiana!!! YEAH!!!
    Call and request our songs 812-936-9100