Monday, February 27, 2012

Fan Awards

Each year The Christian Voice Magazine host two annual events in Pigeon Forge, Tn.  First one is call..."Country Gospel Music Fan Fest..April 26-28 at The Smoky Mountain Convention Center...4010 Parkway..Pigeon, Forge, TN.

Various artists will be there from all over!  You will enjoy the talent of so many artists..solo, duets, trio, male quartets, and mixed groups.

This year marks the 3rd annual awards show to be held on Saturday Night April 28th.

Artists voted to the top five finalists Ballot are some of Jubilee Music Artists!
Ivan and Jamie Hodge - Duo of the Year
Joan Gregory-Favorite Soloist
Barbara Roach-Favorite Song Writer
Barbara Roach-Favorite Promoter
Joan Gregory-Favorite song-Writer/Barbara Roach
Joan Gregory-Favorite Female Vocolist
Christy Sutherland-Female Horizon

Now this is really cool, folks!  Call all of your friends and vote for JMA Artists!

Second Event:  Southern Gospel Music Fan Fare
Annual Awards Show to be held Thursday Night May 3rd!
The Nelons-Favorite Trio
Ken Turner-Favorite Bass-(long time friend of mine)
Kelly Nelon-Favorite Alto
Amber Nelon-Favorite Saprano
Jordan Lefevre-Favorite Lead
Favorite Musician-Jeff Stice
John Lanier-Favorite Male Vocolist
Christy Sutherland-Favorite Female Solist

Not all of the SGMA are JMA artists, but some are and I hope for the best of all I have listed...I guess you might say, choice!!  Blessings to everyone.

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