Monday, February 20, 2012

Fan Fare

Today I am excited about Fan Fare for Jubilee Music Artists!  We have some headliners who are a part of our promotions who will be singing at Fan Fare.

The Lefevre Quartet-Tuesday Night
Christy Sutherland-Tuesday Night and other nights!
RW Blackwood & The Blackwood Singers!

These artists are very well known and are participating in Fan Fare this year.  They also work with JMA in promotions!  

We have others performing in the JMA Showcase...David Haynes, Hallmark Quartet, Judith Baker, Christy Sutherland, Ivan and Jamie Hodge, and the list goes on...We are limited to the amount of artists to perform.  Becca and I will sing at least one song to open the showcase!  

Come out and be a part of Fan Fare...April 30th through May 5th...Smoky Mountain Convention, Pigeon Forge, TN. Lots of activities going on all week long.  Come out and join me and get on the JMA Showcase...

Don't forget to leave your comments...Vote for your favorite songs and artists.

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