Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Lately, I have come to realize the question asked to me by many people.

"Barbara, why on earth do you do what you do in a business that you really do not need to do?"  Well, explanation of this is simple.

I love gospel music.  I am what I am, and do not expect to change.  I love to sing and also to help people who can sing well and have little experience with getting known and all of the things you need to do as an artists to get that name out there.  I believe, "it is not all about what I can do for me. but how much help can I give to others who love to do the same thing, "Carry" the message of Jesus in music.  I still sing...a lot!  My daughter and I sing every Week and enjoy doing it wherever the doors open...right now, God has us working alongside my husband in a Pastoral work that is like none that we have ever done before.  I simply can't stop that!  There is much joy in ministering in a community and not being a "Star."  I don't have to be...but I do enjoy getting out and doing concerts, revivals, etc. 

God has placed a desire on my life, or call, etc to help struggling artists in the business/ministry as much as I can.  I do know people, I know how to help others and that is the main goal.  I realize that some do not understand all of this...that is fine, you don't have to understand.

Some say.."You are giving all of your income to producers, etc."  Well, if I agree to work for an amount, it doesn't matter what the producer makes, does it?  I have already agreed...and if I had the name of some of the producers, I could make just as much money. not the answer to everything, LOL, it just helps.  

The best policy has and always will be can not get away with out it.  God will prosper you in ways you never thought of.  I don't have the best, I don't need the best, and You can't use me if I don't allow you to do so!  Lots to think about!  If I gain help from someone being able to use ME, and they gain help or not, I have done what needs to be done!  

Now let me remind you that nothing in this life as I know it comes for free, or success does not come overnight. But, doing things the WRONG WAY WITH WRONG INTENTIONS will end up NOWHERE FAST.Be honest, don't try to get everything for nothing and focus on the main goal...  hang in there.  Do what you need to do...and call me.  I will do my best to conduct myself in a Godly manner and do what is right.  Not everyone will be happy, but if I know I have done the right thing, that is mighty fine with me.

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