Monday, February 13, 2012


Today, it's all about Radio Air Play!

For the past four years or so, I have been involved in radio promotions.  It has been great and I have learned the business.

We are very proud of our artists for the air play they have recieve, and for those who are currently in the Charts.  Joan Gregory, Still Water, and The Blackwood Singers...RW, Donna, and Andrea Blackwood.

Let me say to you, while radio charting is is about getting air play that counts.  Be blessed when your promoter tells you that you are getting good play whether you chart, or not.

Years ago, I do not remember a charting system!  There was nothing like that and folks just listened to the music, played what the people requested and we all received blessings from that.  Ha..I never knew if people were playing my songs or not!  Just when we would sing, they would love it and so I felt like someone must have been to a concert.

"Let us not grow weary, for in due season we shall reap....if we faint not." BIBLE  If you don't know where that one is, look it up...tell you next time.  YES, I do know where it is.  The point is, we should be happy to sing where the door opens, use the promoters to help get air play, and rejoice even if you are not in the charts.

You may send me a note on here to vote for your Feb favorite songs and the artist who has recorded...that plus the radio air play report will help me to post the top 10 each month.

Be blessed,

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  1. Barb, Thanks for all you have done to help our ministry grow. We look forward to what GOD has in store in the coming months.. Ivan and Jamie