Monday, November 8, 2010


Has been a wonderful week end.  One of our artists received an award from the GA association and we are proud of them

Unity Four of Iuka, MS received this award  and we are very proud of them.  These guys have a wonderful heart and are very sincere about what they are doing.

Did you realize that God looks in the heart of man!  Not what he says, does, or even thinks!  He is in control and blessings come to those!  Well, Chuck and JC, it is your blessing this week end.  Air play could be better but God has a way of making up for it.  I am proud of you and that folks are playing your first song and it being a re-make...This is great.  Can't wait til the original song comes out and I know you are working hard.

Sometimes in our business, we make honest to goodness mistakes and yes, just like you are reading right now, it is always the other person's fault. I have made my share of those!!  Learning this business has been a blast.  But, one thing about mom used to will all come out in the wash.  LOL

I enjoy talking with and working with The Unity Four!  They are not about themselves but about singing for the Lord.  Give me a whole truck load of artists who are like this and I will be blessed!

Blessings to UNITY FOUR!!


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