Monday, November 22, 2010

Last Week!

Last week..... Saturday night November 13th, we hosted the group "Still Water."  Our church loved the guys and we had fun.

Sorry, Jerry forgot his camera until the fun really started!  But, this is the first singing group or any other guests we have had to our churches through the years, that anyone ever offered to help clean up the dishes!!!

Well you see, Tommy decided to dry the dishes for me.  ( I made soup and sandwiches) I used the church's real dishes.  I hate plastic, etc.  I was washing dishes, Tommy doing the drying!  He handed me a plate and told me that to do it again!  There was something on the outside of the plate!  I handed him the job of washing and I because the dish dryer!

Tommy....You are more picky than I am, but you got that plate clean!

If you get a chance to have this group to your church, go for it.  They have a wonderful spirit and really show true love for the Lord.


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