Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Five Artists October

Going into November, I would like to report JMA top five artists.

1. Mark Dubbeld Family
2. The Lefevres
3. Terry Blackwood
4. Chris Baldwin
5. Ivan and Jamie

We are going to do this each month.  If you know a station who does not have our comp, please let us know.  We will do our best to get it to them and we appreciate all radio blogs.  They must be sent to barbara@jubileemusicartists.org for approval.

Thanks so much and November is looking great for all of our artists.  Remember, the end of the year we publish the top 20 for 2010.

We appreciate and love all of our artists.  We are getting good play on all of them.  Of course some more than others, but we are well pleased.

Our main focus here is to get air play in all areas.  If we have a song to chart, well praise the Lord.  But, we are truly about getting the artists music in the radio stations for air play....charting and non charting stations.

Barbara Roach

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  1. Barb, Thank you for promoting "Living Oasis" us! It was alot of fun being on he Jubilee Showcase. NQC was a great time!
    Mark Dubbeld Family