Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gospel Music Today

I am glad to report that Southern Gospel Music is alive and well.  But, I have to say that I am totally in agreement with what I read today in Christian Voice.

We sometimes take our eyes off of the why we are in it and began to want that chart instead of souls.  I am always proud when one of the artists I work with hits the charts.  It is great, but please understand my main goal in all of this is, air play.  Getting the message out and when we understand that, God just may bless you with a little number on the chart!  If not, and some dj in St. Louis is playing your music, be thankful that he is on our mailing list and he is playing your music.

Let's not forget, it is all about God.  It seems that when we start to get spotted, and the lights and glimmer go up around us we forget....this all started as a ministry!!  I am just as good as anyone else!!  Pull back, and listen to God.  That is the only way this thing will work.

I do not like the politics in doing the business.  There is no room for it in our business, nor in the Church.

Let's all trust God and allow Him to do the work through us.

Be Blessed,

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