Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top Five Artist for December

These are the artists who are JMA's top five for December.  We will try to post this by the 15th of each month and stay with it!

1.  Me and My Old King James - Ivan and Jamie
2.  I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey - The Lefevres
3.  Living Oasis - Mark Dubbeld Family
4.  He Loves Me So - Terry Blackwood
5.  Still Water - Something To Shout About

Again, let me remind you that our top 5 each month can come in different ways.  Points for charting, calls from radio play, Heavy, Medium, and Lite Rotation reported to me various radio stations both charting and non charting.

Please call your local Southern Gospel Station and request these songs or others on the JMA comps and have the radio people get in touch we me.  The more I know, the better we are able to help the artists.

Some radio people will not talk to us!  So, we trust the Lord to take care of all of that.  And, He will.

Congratulations to the top 5 for December.

Be Blessed and Merry Christmas.

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