Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today is a God filled Day!T

Today as I write this blog, I want you to know that this is a God filled day.  We are warm even without heat in the office, but we have the warmth of the Lord!

As I work radio this month, I find that for the most part, even artists that were on comps back months ago are still getting played!  Still Water is in the Charts with Christian Voice Magazine and God is allowing our artists to receive air play.

Back in the day.....there was nothing like a promoter.  We just got the albums into the radio stations and they played the music.  Some more than others, but it was different.

I think that there is too much back biting, political, and carnality in the business, as is also in the church or anything else you do.  We should be ashamed!

I believe we should put God first and truly sing our songs, and allow HIM to do the work instead of our ego getting in the way!  Like me or not, I tell the truth..I do make mistakes, but let my remind you, there are two sides to every single story!  I want my business to be on the right side, not the wrong.  That is the way I live my life.  If I cannot have a business that way, I will not have it.  Just at the moment things look like to us that something is wrong, God honors our work and trust in Him.

Again:  Psalm 37:4 "Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."  If you desire to sing for him, then be a servant. Look to Him for your place in the ministry, or business He has called you to.
Desire to serve Him and let nothing keep that from happening even if the offering is very low.  God makes it up at the next place.  Do not blame Churches that we call or you call when you go there and do not get the huge offering, hey...after all, you did the calling.  Trust God and enjoy your work!  Like I said, He will make it up if you do it for the right reasons!

When you become bent out of gear on the air play, the offerings, and dates to sing...Guess what, perhaps God can't bless you with an attitude of that sort, but He can and will bless you if you go in God's grace and trust Him.

Enough said!  My sermon for the year.  God is good and He will see that what needs to happen as long as we do not allow man to be the front leader!

Have a God Filled Day!

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