Friday, December 3, 2010

Top Five Artists for November

1.  Terry Blackwood - He Loves Me So
2.  Ivan and Jamie Hodge - Me and My Old King James
3.  Still Water - Something To Shout About
4.  Mark Dubbeld Family - Living Oasis
5.  Reflection Of Grace - It Is Done

Charts on JMA are picked by radio play, calls and emails from radio people, lite, med, and heavy radio play, and chart positions on any radio station, charting and non charting stations!


  1. Barb, Thank you for all you do for Gospel Music. You have been a blessing to work with and a great encourager along the way. Thank you for promoting "Living Oasis" I am looking forward to The Jubilee Homecoming in April. Its going to be a great weekend.
    See you There!
    Mark Dubbeld

  2. Thank you Mark! We are going to have a grand old time!! I can see it now and I know God will be there.