Friday, December 3, 2010

Today's News

Checking in!  Ha, it has bee a few days again!  My whole family has been sick with all of the bugs!

Gospel music is going well and I want to let you know that "It Is Done" by Reflection of Grace received a wonderful compliment this week.  Young Jeremiah Collins wrote the song and does an awesome job singing on it along with Jessie and Preston!  If you have a chance to hear these guys, go for it.  They are very good, family harmony at it's best.

Below is a picture taken at NQC of Reflection Of Grace featuring Jessie!  Jessie and Jeremiah are expecting their first child!  Perhaps on my birthday!!  Just kidding!

This group is from Hendersonville, North Carolina and would gladly come to your church for a service in which you will be blessed!!!

Add this group to your church for a concert this year!!

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